This summer Manchester United signed four new players as Jose Mourinho wanted to revamp the team and return them to winning ways being a top club. the Red Devils were involved in a long transfer deal for a former player of the club who eventually returned to Old Trafford.

Paul Pogba’s deal is Man United longest transfer saga of the summer, and one of the longest in the current season. Looking back there are other transfer that dragged on unending as well.

Rooney excited ahead of new season

Wayne Rooney has stated that he is excited ahead of the new season.

He believes that Manchester United has a great chance in the Premier League and that with the appointment of Jose Mourinho as manager, there is a new hope in the team.

Wayne Rooney was speaking to a local radio and said that Jose Mourinho had made a positive impact since his appointment as a manager. He stated that he has made changes to the way players trained and that the players are really putting in practice what they have been taught. He admitted that the training had been hard some time, but the players have adapted well.

Louis Saha has not shown much interest towards stepping back into the limelight

Louis Saha has not shown much interest towards stepping back into the limelight as far as football is concerned.

He has been more than happy to stay in the background with his firm Axis Stars. However, he has just stepped into the limelight after his firm joined up with Milestone Group in order to help youngster explore numerous job opportunities. The joint venture primarily targets the age gap of 16 to 24 and helps them identify their skills, passion, and talent. Using the accumulated information, it then helps them find jobs that would best suit them.


Louis Saha will be part of the team to cover the Euro 2016 tournament in France, according to reports.

The Frenchman is part of a team set by ITV as part of its Euro 2016 coverage plans of the continental tournament.

Louis Saha played for Fulham FC in 2001 after moving from France. He joined the Red Devils where he played from 2003 to 2008 before moving to Everton. He also played for Spurs and Sunderland before retiring in Italy after playing for Lazio.

Louis Saha believes that changes are needed at Manchester United

Louis Saha has stated that Manchester United need changes at the managerial level if they want to become a successful side again.

He was careful not to blame the current manager, Louis van Gaal though.

When asked whether Manchester United would appoint a new coach if ever they do not qualify for the Champions League, the Frenchman replied that this is a possibility.

He believes that Jose Mourinho is really interested in the job and that he will make a good manager for Manchester United.

Saha wants Louis Van Gaal Replaced

Louis Saha isn’t exactly shy about blaming who he believes is the core issue of this team’s core issues and who he believes needs to be replaced.

Saha has publicly stated that he firmly believes a management change was firmly needed at Manchester United and didn’t stop very short of blaming Louis Van Gaal.

Manchester City given injury boost

Manchester City may have been struggling during recent weeks, but they might be getting a boost soon with the return of attacking players Samir Nasri and Kevin De Bruyne returning from injuries.

Midfielder Fabian Delph is also close to a City return. This could be good news since Sterling is reported to miss all the remaining games for this season.

City has been struggling to score goals during recent games, and the return of Samir Nasri and De Bruyne could be the boost they needed. Both players have started training again with the first team since Thursday and expect to feature in the remaining Premier League games as well as the Champions League clash against Paris Saint-Germain.

Louis Saha: ‘’Manchester United lack unpredictability’’

Former Manchester United player, Louis Saha has a few things to say concerning the struggles that the Premier League club has been going through in this season. Manchester United has lost matches against: Norwich City, Bournemouth, Swansea City and Southampton.

Louis van Gaal has consistently been critiqued for the playing style that he has implemented in Old Trafford which is regularly labeled as boring and dull. The Dutch coach himself even stated that there are occasions when he gets bored of seeing how his team performs in certain occasions but according to the former Manchester United player, Louis Saha, the thing that they are lacking and that has cost the team a significant amount of dropped points is not being able to be unpredictable.

Arsene Wenger believes that German international Mesut Ozil is starting

Arsene Wenger believes that German international Mesut Ozil is starting to develop the attribute of captaincy in his game.

Ozil arrived from Real Madrid for a club record £ 42 million. After struggling in his first full year at the club, he is starting to dominate games. Ozil is on course to creating a new record in terms of assists over a league campaign. The German already has a whopping 16 assists in the league with the season just past Christmas. If he continues on the same vein of form, Thierry Henry’s record of just over 20 assists in a league season will be broken quite comfortably.

Chelsea have been going through one of the disastrous periods

Chelsea have been going through one of the disastrous periods in recent memory after having lost five league games already.

This record sees them near the bottom of the table and nowhere near enough to retain the league title that the team won last season. One of the reasons put forward has been the lack of form amongst key players like Diego Costa. At this stage last season, Costa was on course to becoming the league’s top scorer. This time around, he has scored less than five league goals. It puts a lot of pressure on the backup forwards Radamel Falcao and Loic Remy.


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