Louis Saha has not shown much interest towards stepping back into the limelight

Louis Saha has not shown much interest towards stepping back into the limelight as far as football is concerned.

He has been more than happy to stay in the background with his firm Axis Stars. However, he has just stepped into the limelight after his firm joined up with Milestone Group in order to help youngster explore numerous job opportunities. The joint venture primarily targets the age gap of 16 to 24 and helps them identify their skills, passion, and talent. Using the accumulated information, it then helps them find jobs that would best suit them.

As part of the deal, Milestone Group will present Louis Saha as the brand ambassador for the project. As a former footballer who has represented some of the biggest clubs in the world like Manchester United,Saha expressed his happiness at being able to perform this role. In a stellar career that spanned across France and England,Saha played for the likes of United, Newcastle, and Sunderland before recently retiring from the game. He is also known for being a regular with the French national team during the heyday. Towards the end of his career, he encountered numerous injury problems that prevented him from making a major impact.

“The partnership between Axis Stars and Milestone Group Plc is so exciting, so innovative, so disruptive when at the same time our targets are the same and focus on positive social impact.I am inspired by initiatives that help young people to achieve their potential and my passion is working with people and businesses that can really make that happen, it is our moral duty.I am proud to be an Ambassador for the Passion Project, where athletes and artists, who young people look up to, can be a role model and point the way to making a difference to their fans,” said Saha.