Hugo Lloris Hit on Non-Planning for FIFA World Cup by France

Hugo Lloris reckons that the current situation of Moussa Sissoko is not helping the France team management in terms of its planning for FIFA World Cup which is now less than a year away.

Sissoko was a key part of the French line up when they had made it to the previous Euro finals, but, Didier Deschamps, the Les Blues head coach, might find himself facing a conundrum regarding his selection for the World Cup because he is not playing enough for the Spurs at the minute.

A couple of foreign clubs are believed to be interested in loan deals for Sissoko, but, the problem is that Sissoko’s wages at Tottenham is pretty high and the clubs are not likely to agree to pay his entire wages and in that scenario, the Spurs will have to pay a part of his wages which won’t be financially feasible from their point of view.

So one would think that the loan deal is more or less out of the question and if Sissoko’s departure has to happen, it will only be on a permanent basis.

If Sissoko doesn’t go somewhere else and remains at White Hart Lane, his World cup chances will be in jeopardy because he is not likely to get too many opportunities for the Spurs and then Deschamps due to his lack of game time would be very reluctant to pick him for the Showpiece event.

As per Lloris, who is also from France and the skipper of the Spurs at the moment, it is important for Sissoko to have much more playing time moving towards the World Cup than he has had in the last 10 months, but, only he is entitled to make a decision about his choices and nobody else.


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