Louis Saha believes that changes are needed at Manchester United

Louis Saha has stated that Manchester United need changes at the managerial level if they want to become a successful side again.

He was careful not to blame the current manager, Louis van Gaal though.

When asked whether Manchester United would appoint a new coach if ever they do not qualify for the Champions League, the Frenchman replied that this is a possibility.

He believes that Jose Mourinho is really interested in the job and that he will make a good manager for Manchester United.

However, he admires the way that Louis van Gaal has nurtured the young players such as Marcus Rashford. Indeed, the Dutch manager has given 14 young players their debut this season. Louis Saha believes that if there is a reason why van Gaal should stay as manager, it is because of the development of the young players.

According to him, the young players need some stability around the team to continue their development and to bring in a new manager can disrupt this process.

The Frenchman, however, does not think the current situation at Manchester United is not Louis van Gaal’s fault. He believes that there is a combination of factors that has caused the current situation. It is more to the fact that some big players have retired or moved on and also the fact that a respected manager as Sir Alex Ferguson has retired. He believes that it would take time to rebuild the team and that any new manager should be given time.

Louis Saha, who has enjoyed, has enjoyed some success with the Red Devils when he played from 2004 to 2008 under Sir Alex Ferguson. He won 2 Premier League titles, 1 League Cup, and the Champions League during his days at Manchester United.